You are planning to mount motor shutters, alarm system, electric lock, and set up simple wall switches for lights in your house, and you don’t know that all of this can be smart?

You are wrong!

We convert a simple wall switch into a smart one, open the windows with a touch, open the electric lock with voice, syncronize light bulbs with PIR Motion detect and a lot of other things.

“Hey Siri who is Ero Smart”

Ero Smart performs mounting and installing modules of various manufacturers that support the HomeKit platform. Your existing devices that you think are not smart, using indirect devices become smart. We are developing smart solutions for other platforms on our application. Ero Smart develops project documentation for electrical wiring, including a smart home system, projecting telecommunications networks, video surveillance and anti-burglary systems. We advise and supervise your finished projects, change installations for smart solution, and mount equipment.

Application managment moduls

Smart sockets

A seemingly simple wall socket becomes a smart one. It can be used for toasters, irons, decorative lamps, coffee makers …

Lighting control

Ero Smart system allows lighting control, brightness level control and colour change via standard wall switches or smart touch wall switches.

Garage door control

Remote opening and closing of garage door.

Opening roller shutter

It is possible to control shutters and windows via standard wall switch or a smartphone. Our system remembers the open and closed position.

Motion sensor

The motion sensors are multifunctional. They can be used for anti-burglary/anti-robbery system, as well as for switching the lights on and off.

Module for temperature

You can see temperature inside and outside smart house. Turn some device when temperature is low.

Switch control

The TV voice control, channel switch, volume control or other on/off system.


Ero Smart system integrates various anti-burglary/anti-robbery systems. Motion sensors can also be used for switching the lighting on and off.

Sprinkler trigger

Devices/Appliances can be controlled taking into account time, sun position and possibility of rain. For example, if the possibility of rain is under 40%, the sprinklers go off automatically.

Electric door control

Using our system, every lock becomes a smart lock. It locks itself automatically after the chosen period of time.

Video monitoring

You can remotely watch and monitor the surveilance camera system via this application. When motion is detected, the information is sent to a mobile phone or TV.


Mounting and installing smart homes, you will be able to manage all modules which support HomeKit on a single application that comes with the iOS operating system. The Home application comes on iPHONE, iPAD, Apple Watch, MacBook and Apple TV.
Ero Smart also works on Android application, using which you can manage other smart devices.




You’re away from home but your home knows you’re coming!

By setting Apple TV or iPad to home hub inside a smart home you get the option of remoting home management wherever you are. It is also possible to set up and automate some scene at the home hub.

While you’re coming home, your home knows you are coming (using GPS )and launches the actions you choose. Opening the garage, turning on the outdoor lights, opening the blinds…

Use motion sensors alarm system for other purposes, such as turning on lights where motion is triggered.

Using weather forecasts for managing sprinklers. If it is a high probability of rain today, your sprinklers are not going to turn on.

And much more…

Remote Access

If you want to have access to your home from all locations, it is necessary to have a home hub. It can be your iPad, HomePod, Apple TV.

It is possible to assign rights to the house to all icloud users. In your family and beyond. For example, if you are renting a house at the sea, you can give the rights to manage the smart house to all your guests that own the iPhone.



We develop app for devices that are not compatible with HomeKit platform. With that device you will be able to manage your smart home using our Ero-Smart application.

Designing, Planning, Analyze and Demonstration


We design

Electrical installations that are adapted to a smart home with minimal additional costs.

Telecommunication installations that include network, video monitor and alarm system.

We mount

Devices and modules you want to use in a smart home in existing or new buildings.

Network equipment, video recorders and anti-bulgary systems.

We analyze

The current state of installations and the possibility of installing modules or devices.

We demonstrate

We take clients to the showroom and present them smart home.


You are planning to equip your house with alarm system, video monitor or smart control and you need some advice or supervision when implementing the project? Our team will visit the site every day, submit project documentation, correct and supplement it.


Preinstall Homebridge

We make image for yours box with pre install homebridge, plugins….

Custom Plugin

We developed custom plugin for yours modules or smart device.

Homebridge Box Plug&Play

We prepare a unique box according to your requirements and we send it to your home address. We use UP Squared or RPi3.

Remote Support

We’re doing support remotely if you’re having trouble.

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